Sell Your Junk Car For Cash In El Cajon, CA. We Buy All Cars In Any Condition.


We Will Purchase Your Car

Cash For Junk Cars El Cajon can guarantee the best level of service and price for value. We offer a great competitive price which will excuse you from all the problems of favored cars on the market; we offer the price on the value of the car and not on the popularity. We buy a lot of vehicles every day, so we are able to offer good prices for a huge range of cars. Buying in bulk even enables us to offer fantastic prices for even the lowest of MPG cars. We could even offer you cash for the old rusty banger sat on your drive!

Our company believes that every car and every person deserve a great price; we provide our services to all the people and vehicles below:

Your everyday man

Even the average person could get a good deal from our services. We offer to pick up between the hours that suit you, so even if you need to arrange it around a football game or the basic grocery shop, we’re happy to help!

Novelty /Vintage Collectors

We understand that some cars are unable to be sold on the normal market and will need extra advertisement to even grab the attention of the buyers but you’ll be pleased to hear that we also deal with these cars too. Some vintage cars are not popular but are still worth some money, we recognize this and we would be happy to discuss a good price for your valuable vehicle.

Foreign Vehicles

in the California market it’s rather hard to sell a car that is a right hand drive or a foreign model. It’s usually because of the difficulty to get parts and the confusing switch in the driver’s seat but even if they are not popular with the community we’d be delighted to give you a quote for your foreign model.

Business Men/Women

Companies need their vehicles for everyday use and taxis rely on them. Once a car is seen as unreliable as it needs to be taken care of quickly. This is where we are able to come in and offer a fast solution, so you can get back to work as soon as possible!

Other vehicles

We don’t only buy cars but trucks, SUVS, vans, crossovers almost every vehicle you can think of. As mentioned previously we also buy cars that are seen as wart-off or junk that would be completely unsuitable elsewhere.

What our client says

"I wanted to thank your company for recently helping me out. I needed to sell my car quickly and your staff made that possible. Everyone involved was courteous and professional. They were able to answer all the questions I had. Thank you so much for being easy to work with."