Sell Your Junk Car For Cash In El Cajon, CA. We Buy All Cars In Any Condition.


Sell Your Junk Car

As a blooming company we provide great scrap car disposal services within California. Our business was created in the mind that we would use a scheme to dispose of junk vehicles in an environmentally friendly way. We believe in recycling the scrap vehicles we buy which in turn helps the environment by keeping them out of local landfills. Not only can you guarantee that any car you sell us for fast cash will be recycled but you can be reassured that any scrap car we buy will be towed completely for free!

Recognizing a ‘Junk car’

Knowing if your car is junk or not is hard to determine, it varies a lot with different opinions but here is a few basic pointers to help –

  • If the vehicle is aged 15 years or older
  • If the vehicle has driven over 150,000 Miles
  • Extreme damage to body, engine or interior
  • Non-runners
  • Recently wrote off by an accident
  • Extensive rust
Why should I avoid landfills?

The benefits of recycling rather than using landfills is a no brainer, but unfortunately most do not know how to recycle. Here are the benefits of recycling your car and the reasons not to use landfills:

Reasons for recycling-
  • Recycling your car takes 25% less energy than producing new metals for a new car.
  • About 75% of a car can be recycled!
  • It’s possible to recycle as much steel needed each year as the car industry uses.
  • Fluids in cars such as oil can be re-refined as used as new oil.
  • Recycling decreases the cost of steel, rubber and plastic.
  • New car prices decreased.
Reasons against landfill-
  • As the car decomposes the metals from junk cars can pollute local water.
  • Can cause health problems in local areas.
  • Landfill causes large expensive cleanup projects.

Will you still take my car if I’ve been involved in an accident?

The truth is when most people are involved in an accident and the car is a complete wreck, they automatically think it’s worth nothing, so when the insurance company offers a small amount of money they instantly bite. This is a real problem as you could receive a lot more for your scrap car than you anticipated. On average we offer more for your scrap car than your insurance could offer. So why wouldn’t you call us?

What our client says

"I wanted to thank your company for recently helping me out. I needed to sell my car quickly and your staff made that possible. Everyone involved was courteous and professional. They were able to answer all the questions I had. Thank you so much for being easy to work with."